THROWBACK THURSDAY  |  葵 aoi (Ikeda, Osaka). What I would give for some Aoi tsukemen. Hands down this was my favourite tsukemen in Osaka. What’s not to love about noodles with super soft fatty cha shu accompanying an over the top rich dipping soup. The soup is what it’s all about at Aoi. It’s amazingly well balanced; porky and slightly fishy, with hints of yuzu that just dance delightfully in your mouth.

Passing on the pocket-sized chashu don was never easy. The number of times the little bowl of porky goodness tipped me over the edge from being already quite full, to f-ing fat boy coma status… Going back to work was never an easy thing after a visit to Aoi, but in retrospect it was all worth it. Meshi iku / めし行く ? Aoi? Hell, yes.


Butcher Brother Burger House, Hotel de Ville, Lyon, 69001. 

Just a short stroll down the road from Saint-Nizier Church is the fabulous Butcher Brother Burger House. Their lunch special is great value at €13.50 for a burger, salad, garlic-rosemary roasted potatoes and a drink. I thoroughly enjoyed my Blue Burger (galette de pomme de terre, noix, pomme, et sauce au bleu d’Auvergne). Any burger with a hash brown is a winner in my books, including KFC’s super awesome delicious Tower Burger. Although this wasn’t a Tower Burger, I loved the classic mix of the walnuts, blue cheese and apples on my Blue Burger. This was all washed down with their house syrah. Yum yum.